Couple Ruins $ 500K New York Artist’s Artwork

Huge mistake a young couple made a couple of days ago when they visited an art gallery in South Korea, well by mistake they ruined the work of a New York artist what was exhibited there and what It is valued at about $ 500,000.

It turns out that The couple stumbled upon a pair of paintbrushes and cans of paint near New York artist JonOne’s work, so they thought it was some kind of collaborative art. to make visitors feel part of the exhibition.

So the young man decided to add a special design to the graffiti made by JonOne without knowing exactly what he was doing.

“We called the police immediately and spoke to the insurance company about the damaged artwork. But as the agency in charge, we will do our best to minimize the harm to the couple who inadvertently destroyed the job, “Kang Wook, CEO of Content Creator of Culture, told ABC newspaper.

Despite the situation, it has also transpired that neither JonOne, who lives in Paris, nor the gallery has the intention of charging charges, since Contrary to what you might think, the situation has attracted more people to visit the gallery, although with more restrictions to avoid an incident like this.