Couple makes music to the sounds of their ‘unborn’ baby

One of the things that most excites mothers and fathers when they go through the stage of pregnancy is that the baby responds with kicks from the woman’s womb. After a certain time of gestation, as experts point out, that being responds to certain external stimuli and that is why there are people who choose talking to or even playing music to the baby to promote child development.

However, things can be different and, with a little musical magic, that little one could even record an album. It sounds crazy, we know, but it is as real as the family of musicians who carried out this project with which they achieved that her daughter composed some melodies while her mother’s belly was still.

Photo: Instagram (@elizabethhart)

Luca Yupanqui, the ‘unborn’ baby who created an album

Most of us approach music in childhood or early adolescence. Eventually we fell in love with the songs and We visualize ourselves breaking the stage like our idols. We want to get inspired, learn to play and start composing. That is the path, so to speak, that an artist would traditionally follow.

But that’s not the case with the little one Luca yupanqui. This little girl does not know this thoroughly today, but she has already started her musical career after recording her first album while she was in the womb of her mother. The little girl is the daughter of bassist Elizabeth Hart (of the band Psychic Ills who have come to Mexico as part of the Hypnosis activities at the Indie Rocks Forum) and the producer Iván Diaz Mathé. But how did they do it? We explain now.

Elizabeth and little Luca. Photo: Instagram (@elizabethhart)

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This is how the recording of that album worked

It will be through the record label Sacred Bones that Elizabeth Hart and Iván Díaz launch Sounds of the Unborn, the album they recorded -to put it somehow- with their daughter Luca when he was in the bassist’s womb. And if you are still wondering how that was possible, the secret is the following.

It turns out that the couple used biosonic MIDI technology to translate the movements of the little girl into sounds. Several sensors were attached to Elizabeth’s belly that recorded the vibrations created by Yupanqui’s movements. These recordings were then processed through various synthesizers.

Luca newborn. Photo: Instagram (@elizabethhart)

Then came post-production, a process in which the parents are estimated to have taken four or five hours. According to what is read on the official site of the label, Iván and Elizabeth tried not to make arrangements for “Respect the sounds as they were produced”. The result: an album that will be released on April 2.

To give a taste of the material, the couple today shared an official video with a song titled “V4.3”. Here we leave you the clip so you can listen to the first musical work done by little Luca and her parents.

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