Couple hit woman after argument over mask in NYC

A couple hit a woman 60-year-old in the Meter of the New York City after discussing with her about the use of mask.

The passenger met a man and a woman who were not using mask inside the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station in Brooklyn.

Before getting on an elevator, the woman told them that they could not enter if they did not put on the mask, one of the sanitary measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. The couple immediately began arguing with the passenger.

After refusing to use the mask, the man pushed the woman into the elevator and her companion tried to do the same. The 60-year-old woman tried to defend herself and pulled the wearer’s hair without mask.

However, the couple He got out of the elevator and began to beat her to the ground. They both kept hitting the woman on the floor, even though she tried to get up. The events were recorded on November 13 after noon.

The New York Police Department spread the video of the attack captured by the security cameras of the transportation system to ask the population for their help in locating the couple.

Authorities offer a reward of $ 2,500 to anyone who provides information that helps capture the attackers.

The use of mask It is mandatory in the facilities of the New York subway and on buses. Those who refuse to comply with this measure can be sanctioned with fines of up to $ 50.