Couple falls from 7-meter balcony after argument

On May 29, people who were passing through a street in Saint Petersburg, in Russia, they were shocked to see how a couple fell from a balcony of an apartment that was about 7 meters high.

A person who was passing by the place, identified as Denis, recorded the exact moment of the accident, which he shared on social networks and which quickly went viral.

According to the witness, The couple got into a heated argument and after a couple of jerks, the balcony railing came off after they leaned against it, causing the fall.

They both hit the pavement hard, causing other people passing by to approach them to check that they were okay. The couple survived and were immediately taken to a hospital to be treated for multiple fractures resulting from such a spectacular fall.

According to the Daily Mail, the protagonists of the incident are Olga Volkova and Yevgeny Karlagin, both 35 years old and who have a child in common.

Now, local authorities are investigating whether the balcony was already in poor condition, which could lead to a lawsuit.

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