Couple enters cave and captures ghost asking them to leave

Much sensation has caused a video shared on YouTube and that soon has gone viral, especially for those who are lovers of the paranormal.

It turns out that on June 25, a British couple consisting of Tony and Beth Ferguson were walking through the caves of Carnglaze, in Liscard, in Cornwall, England, when they suddenly experienced something unexpected.

Both had cameras in hand to record the experience of their visit to the 300-year-old cave, when suddenly they heard a voice asking them to leave.

In the video, some users have commented to see something strange that seems to be a ghost, which could be the one who made this request.

“I’ve been to countless haunted places in the UK and around the world but this place made me feel very uncomfortable,” Tony said in an interview with Magazine Features. In addition, he indicated that both he and his partner were unaware that it was “an enchanted place.”

“As we walked, I felt like they were following us, as if there was something behind us. I usually carry my cameras with me so I started setting them up and couldn’t believe what we managed to capture. Out of nowhere that white mist appeared right in front of me. We could constantly hear voices whispering, but the strangest thing was when we heard a voice telling us to get out of there, ”he added.

What do you think it could have been?

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