Couple dies of COVID just days apart and unable to meet their newborn daughter

Despite the fact that in some countries the issue of vaccination against the coronavirus has made great progress, sadly, in other nations, the rate of the population that has not been vaccinated is still very high due to the limited amount of immune doses available.

Argentina continues to suffer harshly from the ravages of the pandemic, which seems to take small breaths but unfortunately, regains strength in the following weeks as the number of people infected and killed by COVID-19 increases.

A story that has broken the hearts of people from that country and elsewhere is that of a family in the province of Chubut, since some parents died just days apart from this virus, without the possibility of meeting their newborn daughter and leaving 3 other children orphans.

According to local media, Celina Rivas caught COVID weeks ago when she went to a hospital for her routine pregnancy checkup. This caused her to infect her husband, Rodolfo Guevara, and they both began to develop severe symptoms.

After several days, the couple decided to go to a hospital, where the doctors determined that it was necessary to admit them. There, Celina went into labor and gave birth to a girl she named Martina.

Because she was infected with the virus, the doctors did not allow her to have contact with the little girl and days later, she had to be intubated, like her husband, losing both the battle with only a few days of difference.

“We didn’t go out, we took great care of ourselves. My mother only went to do the shopping and to work, “said the eldest daughter, who criticized those who do not take seriously the disease that has claimed thousands of lives in the world.

Due to the delicate nature of the situation, family and friends started a campaign to raise financial aid for the 4 sisters, who now must get by without their parents.

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