The Scotsman believes that the German can step aside

He only sees three options for him in 2021: Mercedes, Renault or Aston Martin

David Coulthard believes that Sebastian Vettel can step aside after his departure from Ferrari in 2021 and land on a team like Aston Martin. The Scotsman believes that the German can bring a lot of experience to a young team with aspirations to reach the top.

Coulthard explains that Lawrence Stroll’s desire to make Aston Martin a champion team may lead him to sign Vettel. He feels that the Teuton can play an important role in the current Racing Point. Recall that the team changes its name from 2021.

“I have always thought that in F1 everything you can imagine is possible. There are many interesting things for Vettel and one of them is Lawrence Stroll’s wish for success in the future with Aston Martin,” he said on the F1 Nation podcast.

“At this stage in his sports career, it can be a great asset for a team because he can bring all the experience he has gained at Red Bull and Ferrari. Just like I was at Red Bull four years before I retired,” he added.

The Scottish Formula 1 driver explains that Vettel has only three options for 2021: go to Mercedes, Renault or Aston Martin. Due to the improbability of this first one, Coulthard believes that the German can explore a new phase in his sports career and even become a shareholder in the British brand.

“Now he only has Mercedes as the only sure bet as far as performance is concerned before entering the unknown with Renault or Aston Martin. There he can be a shareholder and move to another phase in his career. It can be an option, something like step aside. ”

Despite this, Coulthard sees in Vettel a pilot who is capable of fighting even for a World Cup and for victories. The four-time champion has earned the respect of the entire paddock after so many years at the highest level.

“No matter what you have achieved in the past, Sebastian has always earned the respect of Formula 1, he has been a very important asset for the sport. He has a lot of speed and is someone capable of winning races and World Cups,” Coulthard said. to end.

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