After the rise in infections in the state of Florida, many wonder if the authorities are considering closing the economy again to contain what appears to be a new spiral of positive cases.

And although some prefer to justify it with the increase in test sites, the truth is that it is alarming that three months after the first cases in the state, the highest number of patients with COVID-19 is now being reported.

“The new cases in the last days have tripled, they were almost a thousand five days ago and now they are almost three thousand,” says Dr. Joseph Mosquera, an expert in comprehensive health.

Anticipated but troubling is the diagnosis of positive cases of the virus in Florida, which has registered an increasing trend in the last two weeks. This Sunday more than 75 thousand in the entire state.

“We have removed the restrictions so that anyone who is asymptomatic can be examined,” recalls Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

According to state figures, of the diagnoses more than 2 thousand correspond to travelers and more than 33 thousand people were diagnosed by the contact of a confirmed case, another 35 thousand could not immediately clarify how or where they became infected.

Miami-Dade remains the largest focus in the state with more than 21,900 cases, followed by Broward with about 8,928.

“The important figure is to look at how many have to go to the hospital. The number has been stable in the last 30 days, more or less about 500 people every day in hospitals and that number has not risen. “

That could change if vulnerable people end up exposed to the virus, a potential risk from recent protests. Experts say that “one in 19 people has the virus.”

“We still do not have the data for the long weekend or the protests so I am very concerned if we will continue with an increase in the community,” says Suárez, who visualizes that we are approaching the danger zone again and another economic closure would aggravate extremely unemployment crisis in the region.