Could Michael B. Jordan be the next Superman?

Michael B. Jordan is one of the names that sounds the most to become the new Superman. A possible reality or just a dream of his fans? Everything about the DC Comics movies.

What if the new Superman was Michael B. Jordan? After version of Henry cavill Signed by Zack snyder in ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ (which has released its final cut on HBO Spain), and also the serial version on the body of Tyler hoechlin In The CW’s just released ‘Superman & Lois’, it looks like we’ll still have a contemporary remake of the DC Comics superhero. There is no doubt that the character continues to arouse passions in the audiovisual, either in flesh and blood or in animated version (‘Superman: Red Son’ has also been very well received), and for that reason we are not surprised that Hollywood is preparing a new and exciting project.

The story of Superman will be told again in a ‘reboot’ that the producer prepares JJ Abrams (which resurrected the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ sagas, among other successes) through his company Bad Robot, and which will feature a script by Ta-Nehisi Coates, who has worked on ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Captain America’ comics at Marvel. But what is interesting about this signing is the nature of his work: Coates has been characterized by mixing the classic action of superheroes and political commitment, so we could be in front of a totally different Superman than the one we are used to on the big screen. And that could include a Black superman, which would not be the first in history, but it would be the first to have the vocation of mass audiences and Hollywood blockbuster quality production.

Names of actors who could take on this challenge are already beginning to be considered, and probably the one with the best chances is Michael B. Jordan. Could he be the one? Should be?

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Jordan is not a stranger to the great Hollywood action productions: he was the Human Torch in the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot of 2015, he played the villain of ‘Black Panther’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2018, and he has also managed to successfully take on Rocky Balboa’s legacy in ‘Creed, The Legend of Rocky’ and its sequel, ‘Creed 2’. However, beyond his résumé as an action hero, If there is something that characterizes the actor, it is his eye for empowered black characters, a political commitment that he carries in front of and behind the screen.: He participated in the Black Lives Matter protests, where he demanded that the industry hire more people of color and put aside its racist practices, and those same demands are applied with his production company Outlier Society Productions, one of the first to promote ‘inclusion rider’ to achieve equality among its workers.

If the new Superman is willing to tackle social justice issues, Michael B. Jordan could be the perfect choice.. In addition, he is a declared fan of the character and was even related to a previous project with Warner Bros, which in the end came to nothing. Perhaps your time may come now. Everything seems to work in their favor: Ta-Nehisi Coates is also the writer of his next project with Ryan Coogler, ‘Wrong Answer’, and the three have struck up a very good friendship.. The script he’s writing about the DC Comics character may already be thought for Jordan, though that’s a lot to speculate on.

michael b jordan as killmonger and daniel kaluuya as w'kabi in black panther


In an interview with Jake’s Takes on April 25, 2021, Jordan admitted that he has heard these “rumors” about Superman, and takes them, he says, as “a compliment.” Without offering an outright denial on the matter, the actor added: “I appreciate people who think of me that way for these kinds of roles. I really don’t have anything else to say about it other than that it’s just flattering and I appreciate it.”. Speaking of the possibility of a black actor playing the classic DC superhero, Jordan stated, “Whoever he is, or if he is, I think it will be something interesting to watch.”

A few months later, on July 24, we learn that perhaps Jordan has his own projects beyond Coates and Abrams: according to an exclusive reveal from the Collider portal, Jordan and his company Outlier Society are developing a miniseries about the black Superman, Val-Zod, for HBO Max. But beware, what That does not mean that the actor is going to play the protagonist in this production, only that he is supporting the project from his production company. This news, which has not yet had an official confirmation, would not necessarily be contrary to the possibility that Michael B. Jordan becomes the new Superman of DC Comics. At least, for the moment, he’s still the favorite.

Although he is a perfect fit for the film, his is not the only name in the pools. Trevante rhodes, one of the actors of the Oscar-winning ‘Moonlight’, Stephan james, star of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Homecoming’ series, or Brandon P. Bell, seen on Netflix’s ‘Dear Whites,’ are also on the run. At the moment more details of the project are unknown, but we have no doubt that we will have news soon.

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