Could Kimberly Loaiza be part of the LGBT + community

Could Kimberly Loaiza be part of the LGBT + community | Instagram

This June 26 around the world gay pride is being celebrated, there are different marches around the world and representations of the LGBT + community and speaking precisely about her, recently a video That has surprised several because it is believed that Kimberly Loaiza could be part of said community but not directly.

It was through a YouTube channel that he shared this information, although it is not specified with what intention the reference to Kim loaiza, one of the most promising celebrities on social media, and if it was actually done directly to her.

Es Neta shared this video on June 25 on its YouTube channel, entitled “Before they remove it, there is a video of Álex Flores making fun of Kimberly loaiza and Queen “, from minute 6:05 that you can start to see the main note, we will share the video with you right away.

It is said that one of the members of the team Phoenix in which is also Kim Loaiza and her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja, shared a publication where, proud of his preferences, he decided to surprise his followers by dressing as Drag Queen, an art that many people in the community have managed to develop.

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Today the Drag culture is recognized around the world or perhaps in most countries, even little by little we have seen programs produced and starring them, the one that may immediately come to your mind is that of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where several participants compete to win the crown of America’s Drag Race.

Alex Flores was paying honor specifically to this type of art, the video was shared on his own YouTube channel where the renowned drag “Soy Letal” helped him to dress up in drag and go out on the street.

What for Iván Plascencia reflected in his title perhaps for some of his fans and also other admirers of Flores was more like a coincidence and entertaining name, as he decided to call himself “Kimberly Buenrostro

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The Es Neta host mentioned that he could have done it with a mocking tone by the member of the Phoenix team because some internet users attacked La Lindura Mayor some time ago stating that she looked like a transvestite, so Iván’s note took it for that side.

Although he later claimed that it had been the netizens themselves who did not think that he had used the names of his friends for his name as drag, adding later that he himself did not believe that Alex did it with that intention.

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In the Es Neta video, several Internet users clarified that the name had been taken for Kim shantal and not for Kimberly Loaiza, who had already been clear previously and did not understand why he continued to “smear” the name of Kim Loaiza.

It shows too much that you don’t like Alex. You always change things to make him look bad. The name is for Kim Shantal and Queen Buenrostro, and the two took the name well, they even commented on TikToks, “wrote a netizen.

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The video that Álex shared on his channel was published on July 24, so far it has more than half a million views and 1,764 comments where it can be seen that for some of the Internet users it was quite entertaining, especially because he made a kind of Tribute to the drag queen community, which has also gone through difficult situations due to being accepted as just another show.

This is because being a drag queen does not exactly have to belong to the LGBT + community that although most of the artists who do it seem simple, but it is a fairly complex issue that even today continues to fight for acceptance, we hope that more and more it manages to advance a little more and that society sees it as one more job, like any other.

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