Could Kim Kardashian find herself sad about her divorce!

Could Kim Kardashian find herself sad about her divorce! (EFE)

Could Kim Kardashian find herself sad about her divorce! | .

For a few weeks the name of the beautiful socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has been constantly sounding, as has her husband Kanye West, who is said to have already officially filed for divorce, a matter that has her extremely sad.

According to certain media, it has been a long time since the marriage formed by the businesswoman and celebrity of social networks and the American rapper was already quite deteriorated, however the own Kim kardashian she wanted at all costs to resolve any conflict they had so that her marriage could survive.

It is said that Kendall Jenner’s older sister constantly tried to resolve the differences with her husband Kanye West, however, despite the fact that there is a lot of love between the couple, they are both very different and even each has quite different future projects.

The news of their separation began a few weeks ago, when an alleged infidelity on the part of Kanye west towards his wife, it was said that he had a relationship with a renowned American makeup artist Jeffree Star.

Undoubtedly, these rumors were just that, because Jeffree himself claimed that he did not have any love relationship with Kim Kardashian’s husband.

It is said that in People magazine a close source stated that Kim Kardashian was devastated by the conclusion of her marriage which lasted seven years, despite the fact that the beautiful socialite and businesswoman had already been married before, she had not had children with her two past couples, something different that happened with Kanye with whom he had four children: North, Saint, Chigado and Psalm, the couple adore their children and always try to be there for them.

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Apparently in their last family vacations they tried to make their relationship recover, however despite the fact that in social networks they were seen together and very in love, the truth is that something had not worked for a long time, it was on November 22, 2020 that he shared the last photograph next to the rapper.

Various sources claim that Kim Kardashian is with her family, which Kanye West once said could not bear, the businesswoman still hoped that last year they would sort things out between them.

However, as you will remember, other events and comments that Kanye West himself made at the time were also present that perhaps made Kim Kardashian a bit uncomfortable, the fact of revealing some intimate matters as a couple was not pleasant at all, this while I was like candidate for president of the United States.

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Well they say that the life of a celebrity is too complicated by the fact of sharing something on social networks being that in reality something totally different is happening, the weight of being a star is a bit overwhelming, however Kim Kardashian is surely used to it since from a very young age he has had a public life of which his millions of admirers are more than aware.

From what can be seen in the official Instagram account of the older sister of Kylie jennerHe has focused on his family, his person and his businesses, this due to the constant publications he has been doing.

Kim Kardashian has always cared about her family, especially her children, despite being a business woman she is always on the lookout for them, she has effectively managed to provide care wherever they need it, whether as a mother or a businesswoman and even as a wife, although perhaps this came to an end.