Could Jennifer Lopez throw a hint with Fishnet dress!

Could Jennifer Lopez throw a hint with Fishnet dress! | AFP

Without a doubt, the beautiful American celebrity Jennifer Lopez captivated her followers while wearing a striking outfit, a fishnet dress silver, but at the same time he attracted attention for the song he had in the background, it could be a hint for his ex-partner Alex Rodriguez.

East video He shared it through his Instagram stories, something that is becoming quite common among celebrities, sharing something of what they do during their photo shoots or behind the scenes of some projects they work on.

For his part, it is not the first time that Jennifer Lopez shares this type of content in their stories, like Kim Kardashian who often shares this type of content.

This is a very good strategy to keep your followers interested in each and every activity they do.

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Many would believe that this video is part of a hint for Álex Rodríguez because in the video we hear in the background, it is the song “I’m Gonna Be Alright“which is part of the tracks on his album J. Lo, which was released in 2001.

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Something curious about the video of this song is that the actor and choreographer Cris Judd appears, who was the singer’s husband precisely in 2001 until 2003, because in the official video of JLo’s song he appears, it could be that this song is a bit related to the ex-partners of the businesswoman because as her name says “I’ll be fine.”

3 hours ago this publication was shared in their stories, it appears posing like a diva, not for nothing is also known as “The Diva of the Bronxs“, JLo is wearing a short dress that seems to be made of some kind of thin metal that manages to have a bit of movement, although the most logical thing is that it is a type of fabric that looks like metal.

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In the images we can see her standing on one of her feet, while the other has it up, although she is holding it only with the tip of her shoe, which is also silver and seems to have a kind of bow in the front, a very cute detail. for this accessory that by the way in addition to this fine footwear is also using large earrings are round and with fringes connected to the main piece.

Thanks to the constant exercise that he performs in his daily routine as training, JLo manages to have a perfect balance despite holding his figure with one foot and also wearing heels, it is something that not everyone can do.


Something that obviously immediately caught the attention is that her dress is made of net, which by the way is a wide net, you can see what is under it, for this Jennifer managed to handle this detail very well because she is wearing beige lingerie , which seems to be a second skin and also manages to perfectly cover its delicate parts.

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In the background we found one that apparently he had already used in other of his photo shoots, it is probably part of the same only that with another wardrobe, precisely on April 9 he shared content with the same background and even, his profile photo on Instagram is part of the same session because it also has the same background.

It would be rare for Lopez to use the same image on more than one occasion to promote various things, in this case the clothing he was wearing in the photographs he shared.