Could it be Belinda? Uncertainty in “La Voz Kids”, They test positive!

Could it be Belinda?  Uncertainty in

Could it be Belinda? Uncertainty in “La Voz Kids”, They test positive! | Instagram

What will happen now? The participation of any of the judges of “La Voz Kids 2021” could be at risk, this after it was made known that someone within the production tested positive. Would Belinda?

The news was released in the last hours and at one point everyone has questioned whether it was Belinda or other figures that will make up the cast of new coaches who now must deal with it. Covid-19.

It recently emerged that the pop star, Belinda, will be one of those who make up the group of judges of “The Voice Kids 2021“together with María José, Mau, Ricky and Camilo, the latter three, sons and son-in-law of Ricardo Montaner.

However, given this new scenario, one could believe that production is going through a difficult time.

Shortly after the new release, problems would begin to arise and many question whether this will endanger the participation of the infected in question, as well as their collaborators and all the staff.

This already generates many doubts about their participation in the new program since, as we well know, Covid-19 has been present in various productions.

In this nocturnal broadcast where the first case has been registered and unfortunately it would be up to one of the participants, who just last Sunday made himself known is among the names of those who made up the panel of judges.

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Belinda tested positive?

They reveal that the victim of the virus would apparently be one of the singer-songwriter’s children, Ricardo Montaner.

The version emerged after one of the apparitions, Mau and Ricky, appear divided, one inside their house and the other, outside in the yard. A sign that one of the two is the carrier of the virus.

Apparently, Mau Montaner, son of the interpreter of “La Cima del Cielo” who appears inside the house and was the infected one. It was through the Instagram account of the morning show “Venga la Alegría” where they shared the image.

However, it seems that this will not interfere with their next collaboration since “La Voz Kids” still lacks some time to start broadcasting, which would begin from March 2021, so they assure they would not take risks.

On the other hand, one of those who due to her career has become a recognized figure in music, Belinda Peregrin Schüll became the target of somewhat controversial comments.

After his name appeared in one of the announcements of the next musical talent broadcast, “La Voz Kids 2021”, the surprise at his appearance went to the background after the reactions in which some users expressed their opinion.

It should be remembered that Belinda has been given the fame that she finds a new boyfriend in each of the participations that she stars on television.

Such is the case, she was related in 2019 with Lupillo Rivera in the edition of “La Voz México, 2019” and recently in “La Voz, 2020” she formalized a relationship with Cristian Nodal.

God, Belinda will have a new boyfriend, ‘Now it is necessary for Belinda to fall in love with Mau and Ricky and goodbye Christian Nodal’, ‘I wonder who will Belinda choose, Camilo, Mau or Ricky?’ Belinda’s new love affair, ¿ who will it be? ‘,

They were some of the comments that could be read through the last publication made in one of the social media accounts of “La Voz”.

The messages accompanied the publication in which a video is shown where the five singers appear dancing and listening to the voices of all saying that they will accompany the small participants on their musical journey.

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However, user comments focused more on highlighting that in each of the broadcasts in which “Beli” participates, she gets a new boyfriend.