Could it be Belinda? Carlos Rivera poses with La Voz Kids coach

Could it be Belinda?  Carlos Rivera poses with a coach from La Voz Kids (Instagram)

Could it be Belinda? Carlos Rivera poses with a La Voz Kids coach | Instagram

The singer Carlos Rivera drove his followers crazy after appearing in a photograph, which generated expectations about whether he would return to Tv Azteca, but what captured the most attention was that in the image he appears with one of the most beautiful coaches of The Voice Kids 2021, Would Belinda?

The artist of the moment, Carlos Rivera, who will participate in one of the past editions of this reality show caused a sensation after appearing in a photo with one of the figures that will make up the coach team of the next program of “The Voice Kids 2021“, the two stars, appear on stage.

Was it Belinda?

The millions of followers on Instagram were amazed after a photo that was shared by one of the famous singers who will be part of the reality coach team shared a postcard on her Instagram account @lajosa where she appears next to “former academic“performing a song on stage.

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It was her own Maria Jose, one of which was known, will be part of the cast of judges for the next broadcast that will hit the screens in March and where the popular pop star also appears, BelindaHowever, it should be clarified not the Spanish who posed with the interpreter of “I was waiting for you.”

Was the “former member of Kabah“, the extinct musical group, who starred for a moment on stage with the composer, both joined their voices to delight the public with one of their most recent collaborations” I don’t remember you anymore. “

It should be remembered that this song has become the main theme of the melodrama “Te acuerdas de me”, broadcast by Las Estrellas.

I share the cover of # YaNoMeAcuerdoMásDeTi to remind you that it is already available on all platforms, I left the link in my bio, the message that accompanied the publication by the interpreter and composer points out.

The collaborator of other talented reality shows will once again share the stage with Belinda with whom after coinciding in some of these programs they seem to have forged a beautiful friendship, they will be accompanied by other figures, Mau, Ricky and Camilo, the first two, sons and son-in-law of Ricardo Montaner.

In the midst of the comments and reactions that caused this image, they could not help thinking that the “television actor” He would return to the television station that would see his talent emerge, Tv Azteca and thus be able to be closer to his girlfriend Cynthia Rodríguez.

As expected, the snapshot triggered several reactions after seeing him pose with the interpreter of “Prefiero Ser Su Amante”, among various emojis of applause hearts and others, both celebrities of the show received the love of their fans when they saw them together.

For some years now, Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra, better known as Carlos Rivera, has collaborated for the San Ángel television station for four years, so some would hope that at some point, the prodigal son of the remembered reality show “La Academia” will return to the production house of the Ajusco.

It could even be that on one of these occasions, the talented singer-songwriter is one of the guests on the program as has happened at other times.

Currently, Tv Azteca has the participation of the singer’s beautiful girlfriend, Cynthia Rodríguez, whom many of the followers of this program will remember was one of the contestants of “La Academia” where she met the one who is her partner today.

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The presenter and the interpreter of “100 years” have had a relationship for many years, which they have kept surrounded by total discretion, which has also led to various speculations.