Could DOOM receive a female DOOM Slayer? id Software does not rule it out

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The DOOM Slayer has become a video game icon thanks to the genre it helped establish and the multiple iterations over the past decades in the DOOM series. The character is widely known for his toughness, aggression, and muscles, so it’s hard to imagine him in any other appearance. However, id Software has done it and even thought of including a female version of it, but there is something that has prevented it.

Bethesda hosted a DOOM Eternal focused broadcast with Hugo Martin, Game Director, as a special guest. In it, multiple themes were played and one of them was the possibility of making the DOOM Slayer have a female version.

The interesting thing is that the creative does not seem like a crazy idea, unlike what many fans might think, but it is something that has been thought about in the studio in charge of the series, id Software.

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In one part of the interview (via Video Games Chronicle), Martin delved into what the representation of DOOM Slayer means and even made a description of what the image of a female DOOM Slayer would look like.

“I’ve thought about it, actually. I think if we do, I would like it to be lethal. I think it’s interesting how the glory kills would impact, the type of weapons that he would have, the fighting style – certainly pure aggression, absolutely, but a different type of aggression.

Why didn’t id Software create a female DOOM Slayer?

After reading what Martin said, you may have liked the overview of a possible female DOOM Slayer and are wondering why id Software doesn’t make it happen. Well, it seems that the creatives at id Software would like the inclusion of a female DOOM Slayer to be special and not just a simple outfit or skin.

In the last games of the franchise it is possible to change the appearance of the DOOM Slayer with different skins, but it is something that has no more effect an aesthetic repercussion. However, in the case of a DOOM Slayer, Martin mentioned that he would love that the impact of a DOOM Slayer does not remain in the visual section, but also implies a change in the gameplay: “I would really do my best to allow it to impact on the game significantly. I’ve definitely thought about that a lot, ”Martin commented.

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The developer even shared an interesting analogy about what the addition of a female appearance to DOOM Slayer would entail that also affects the gameplay, but sadly the studio has not found a way to adapt this concept, which would certainly be very interesting.

“When it comes to designing the action, you think about, like, if the Slayer is a Ferrari, then what would a female Slayer be? What would a medieval Slayer look like? How would that affect things? What kind of analogies could you draw from that that influences the experience? So I do not know. It would definitely be great, “said Martin.

And you, what do you think about the possible inclusion of a DOOM Slayer? Do you think it will ever happen in the franchise? Tell us in the comments.

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