Not only DC fans, but the entire world was amazed to see that after two years of fighting ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ finally came to light. But after this big announcement, many fans have wondered if… Ben Affleck could return as Batman?

For ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ to see the light, they will require between $ 20 or 30 million dollars so that the dream of all fans can be seen by the new streaming service HBO Max. This is because the movie has to be finished, since still need to add some special effects.

The film will round out Zack Snyder’s main idea from the start, plus the director is said to be looking to reunite the original cast and crew again for post-production work. So for the promotion of the film, the actors in the feature film including Ben Affleck, who played Bruce Wayne / Batman, they are promoting the next project.

So many wondered, Could Ben Affleck return as Batman if ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ is a success? This cannot be known for sure, since Affleck will lend his talent to complete the vision of the film, so if it is a real success, this could motivate Warner to perform the ‘Justice League’ trilogy that Snyder had in mind since ‘Batman v Superman’.

With Zack Snyder back to put himself back in the DCEU reins, and knowing Affleck’s loyalty to the fan culture, he could possibly return to finish what he once started, as the actor is slowly overcoming some personal issues. (which forced him to withdraw from the role in the first place), so she is gradually trying again to return to acting.

With a new Knight of the Night by Robert Pattinson and the vision of Matt Reeves in ‘The Batman’, 2021 will give much to talk about for the DC movies, which for the first time the whole panorama denotes that it is a victory for everyone. But, we will have to wait to see what will be the reception of both projects.