Costume competition: Cast of “Hoy” and “Venga la Alegría” in dispute

Costume Competition: Cast of

Costume competition: Cast of “Hoy” and “Venga la Alegría” in dispute | INSTAGRAM

This past Friday October 30, both the hosts of “Venga la Alegría” and those of the “Hoy” program attended their respective forums featuring different characters from horror movies and Mexican legends, on the occasion of the celebration of the Halloween and Day of the Dead.

The communicators of both programs surprised their thousands of followers and the television audience by appearing before the cameras with excellent costumes alluding to the date of Mu3rtos Day, traditional Mexican holiday that is celebrated next Monday, November 2.

With a more than remarkable effort in each of the characterizations, the two teams that lead two of the most successful morning sessions currently for mexican television, decided to follow the traditions of the country and celebrate it in this way, on this occasion in advance, the celebration of the Day of the Dead, because as is well known, in Mexico it is a holiday that is celebrated with great affection every year to remember people that unfortunately are no longer on this earthly plane.

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For this reason, both the hosts of the morning of Televisa, “Hoy” and at the same time as that of the TV station of Ajusco, “Venga la Alegría” surprised when they went to the forum this Friday wearing different costumes, this fact caused a whole waterfall of comments on different social networks, where Internet users gave their opinions and made comments about which production had strived more for a better characterization or which driver had captivated with their disguise, and others, while creating entertainment according to these celebrations.

And, although the themes of the two programs were totally opposite, in the same way both work teams looked phenomenal, and, it should be clarified that, the hosts of the program “Hoy” decided to make their characterizations with some emblematic characters of the most iconic films, such as “Los Locos Addams” and the popular series “La Familia Monster”, while the communicators of “Venga la Alegría” chose to wear tremendous costumes alluding to traditional Mexican legends.

This is how we could see Galilea Montijo disguised as “Morticia Addams”, Paul Stanley who attended the forum disguised as the charismatic “Uncle Lucas”, Andrea Escalona dressed as “Merlina Addams”, for his part, Lambda García as “German Monster “and Raúl Araiza as the son of the” Monster “family, likewise, it should be noted that the” Hoy “forum was attended as guests by Ariel Miramontes,” Albertano “, who wore a costume alluding to the” Interview with him Vampiro “and the comedy actress Liliana Arriaga, known for her persona as” Chupitos “, who disguised herself as a witch.

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On the other hand, on the recording set of “Venga la Alegría” we could see Patricio Borguetti disguised as a vampire, Brandon Peniche in the outfit of the “Charro Negro”, Kristal Silva as “La Pascualita”, Anette Cuburú as the nurse known as “La Planchada”; Roger González disguised himself as “El Diablo”, William Valdés as “El Nahual”, Laura G as “La Llorona” and “El Capi” Pérez as “Malefica”, the witch from Sleeping Beauty.

Without a doubt, each and every one of the characters that the drivers recreated are made in the best possible way, each of them took their time to be able to perfectly perform even the smallest detail so that their character could be seen as real as possible.

And we cannot decide yet who is the winning team of this costume contest, although, we can safely mention that the group photograph of the “Hoy” team has gathered 16,774 likes so far, and for its part, the team photograph of “Venga la Alegría” it has 18, 308 likes, so if we go “likes”, the winner is the TV Azteca team.