Costco labels a product with different prices and consumer enrages

The retail market with brands such as Costco has established itself as one of great value in the market, thanks to the innovation it has achieved today.

An element that we cannot lose sight of today is the ability of brands like Costco to renew communication strategies.

An element that we cannot lose sight of today is the interaction it achieves with the consumer.

Various users of social networks have reported an interesting labeling phenomenon that has been registered at Costco, since it offers the same product with different prices in its online and physical store.

In social networks, various users have shown how the prices of the same product vary both in the physical store and in its online version.

This is an unwritten rule for many stores, which raise their price in some products, when they offer it online, as an incentive to carry out the purchase by this means, or through physical stores, as a way to direct pedestrian traffic to these places.

The retail in Buen Fin

Retail in Buen Fin is a huge laboratory, because in it tremendous strategies have been carried out that have become a great example of how to adapt to the reality that is lived and it is no other reality than one in which we have witnessed, how The contingency has been hanging the industry, forcing the closure of its physical points of sale, among other elements that help us understand the market value and what is even more innovative, help us to understand their purchasing power. depending on the context that is currently being lived and that has given way to a new consumer profile.

Low price strategy, winning pattern?

A winning pattern nowadays in the low price strategy, in which the brands bet and most importantly, in which more and more has been working, since it is and will continue to be the preferred medium to be able to carry out impact strategies.

Price is a fundamental element to ensure that a brand can become a great reference and more than that, a key element to make a product in high demand.

This has led many brands to change the packaging of their products to offer the market inexpensive versions, which today are a great reference.

Elements that we cannot lose sight of in retail

Retail has become a key area especially in the midst of the contingency we are going through and which has become a real challenge for brands.

Faced with this series of challenges, an element that has become a key activity is the warning issued by the increasingly digitized consumer and most importantly, with greater interest in achieving interaction with the consumer through this medium, which sheds all kinds of insights that we cannot lose sight of, because they are the way to go in retail.

Stores that manage to sell and their strategy

Designing a store with the capacity to sell in times as challenging as a contingency and what is even more challenging, a Good End promotion in full contingency.

Faced with this series of challenges, an element that we cannot lose sight of today is the communication that stores achieve and, most importantly, the commercial capacity with which they manage to diversify their delivery channels to consumers.

An element that we cannot lose sight of today in the face of these challenges has to do with innovation and the way in which brands have been able to consolidate themselves in the market.

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