The Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep) called on Nicaraguans and companies to redouble their efforts to practice social distancing, at a time when the expansion curve of Covid-19 is accelerating its rise and the country is heading towards a scenario of increased severity in the coming weeks.

The strong spread of the virus, according to Cosep, requires Nicaragua to urgently release rapid tests to promptly detect the presence of the virus in people and act in a timely manner.

“You don’t have to wait another day …, (you have to) free the importation and testing by private sector health institutions, facilitate the importation and registration processes,” urged Cosep, an order that takes several weeks and the Government refuses to authorize in its eagerness to hide the true impact of the pandemic in Nicaragua.

“In Nicaragua we went from 32 daily infections to 72 daily infections, that means a strong increase and in some way we are in what PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) has indicated as phase 4, the phase of community transmission”, said José Adán Aguerri, president of Cosep, who warned that Nicaragua is barely “on the slopes of the volcano and that this situation is beginning to grow and that we are going to escalate” of what the pandemic will be.

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Aguerri’s estimates, which demanded more transparency from the government in the numbers, are based on statistics released this week by the Ministry of Health, which reported that between May 19 and 26, the number of cases went from 279 to 759 cases. positive, which is equivalent to an absolute increase of 480 new infections in eight days, that is to say an average of 60 daily cases.

Official data indicates that the pandemic has claimed the lives of 35 Nicaraguans, a number that is far from the reality observed with express burials and whose cases the Government calls atypical pneumonia to hide the impact of the virus. In the week of May 19-26 alone, 18 died.

“Let’s help prevent contagion, here we ask each citizen regardless of what kind of ideology we have, regardless of the differences that we all help prevent contagion, do not expect to catch it to practice hygiene and isolation measures, because the Covid-19 it does not distinguish social status, religion, race, political ideology; it is up to each of us to stop the spread, ”said Aguerri.

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“We want to appeal to our members, to all companies in general to redouble their efforts, to take strict measures in the application of protocols that ensure the protection of our collaborators, customers and suppliers,” said Aguerri.

The Cosep urged the population not to self-medicate and the pharmacies also not to speculate on prices and citizens to look on the packaging of medicines for the price tag authorized by Mific.

In fact, the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa Etienne, stated this week that they project for Nicaragua a “strong increase” in cases of Covid-19 in Nicaragua for the following weeks, “regardless of the limitations we have in accessing »official data.

Curve is higher in Nicaragua

Cosep drew attention that compared to Central America, the curve in Nicaragua exceeds the average rise that the region is experiencing in its figures.

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“In Central America 15 days ago, the contagion rate grew 21 percent, last week it grew 27 percent and this week it increased 34 percent; in the last two weeks we have gone from 2,975 infections to 5,970 infections a week. In relation to the deceased we have gone from 20 percent two weeks ago to 22.1 percent this week, we went from 88 to 103 deceased, this means that the number of deceased is increasing, “he said.

In Nicaragua, that curve, at least that is reflected in official figures, exceeds one hundred percent in the last 15 days.

That is why Aguerri urged the Nicaraguan government to adopt essential public health measures to help prevent contagions, such as banning crowds, suspending classes, establishing safety protocols in public transport, helping self-employed workers. , suspend judicial hearings, ensure due medical care in prison systems, among others.

He also reiterated that it is urgent to equip all medical personnel with the necessary equipment, to facilitate the importation of medical and hygiene supplies, as well as to report transparently on cases of contagion and deaths to make sound decisions.