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Toxic behavior on social networks is the order of the day. Reflecting this are the threats recently received by various creatives and industry members, including Neil Druckmann, workers and contributors to Naughty Dog.

Unfortunately, these types of cases continue to increase and now it was Cory Barlog, director of God of War, who received various threats on social networks. As our sister site Tarreo points out, an alleged Kratos fan directly attacked the creative on Twitter.

The reason? The next installment of God of War, about which nothing is known for now. Fortunately, Barlog received the support of the community and some of his colleagues, such as David Jaffe, creator of the popular franchise.

Jaffe defended Barlog from threats on Twitter

The subject who threatened Barlog referred to Druckmann and the way he allegedly « screwed up » The Last of Us: Part II. The « fan » asked the Santa Monica Studio creative not to do something similar. As you can imagine, the request was neither polite nor polite.

The player demanded that Barlog not ruin the next God of War, as players expect a good story for the title. The subject mentioned that he would otherwise search for Barlog to assault and harass him.

Barlog took the comment calmly and simply replied « Really? » The subject changed his speech a bit and only asked the creative to avoid anything that does not make sense in the story of the new God of War.

Tired of the behavior of some people on social networks, David Jaffe was more expressive, as he defended Barlog and lashed out at toxic people on social networks.

« How nice that I’m not the director of God of War anymore (save your insults, cab *** s!) Because I wouldn’t be as kind as Cory! I would cast out this piece of scum every day. I would. Sin. Stop me (…) If you don’t like a game, don’t buy it. It’s a huge power, it’s the only power you have, « said Jaffe.

Barlog recently caused some controversy, saying that games should go up in price. The creative stated that he prefers to pay more for the titles than to have a business model based on microtransactions.

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God of War is only available for PlayStation 4. You can find out everything related to Kratos’ latest adventure at this link.