Corticosteroids reduce mortality in older patients with covid-19

The use of corticosteroids decreases by 40% the mortality of elderly patients with severe respiratory failure due to covid-19, according to a Spanish study published by the Journals of Gerontology.

The study, led by internists from the Virgen de la Torre hospital in Madrid, analyzes the effect of corticosteroid treatment on over 75 years admitted with coronavirus pneumonia with severe respiratory failure, who have high supplemental oxygen needs.

The research carried out between March and May of last year included 143 patients, who also had associated diseases such as ischemic heart disease or diabetes. Within that group, 88 people were treated with corticosteroids and 55 were not.

Corticosteroids are a group of drugs, widely accessible and inexpensive, which have anti-inflammatory properties and are frequently used for lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The results of the study showed that corticosteroid treatment “decreased mortality in these patients by 40%, confirming the efficacy of the drug, already proven, in younger patient groups “, indicates the hospital center in a statement.