Corsair K60 RGB Pro five months later: like good wine

Last October I had the opportunity to analyze the Corsair K60 RGB Pro, a keyboard that certainly marked a turning point in the Corsair catalog, since it opted for a markedly minimalist design, although without giving up the numeric keyboard, and it also supposed the debut of Cherry Viola switches in its line of gaming keyboards.

My experience was, as I told you at the time, very positive, but today I want to share with you my impressions after using it. as a work and leisure keyboard for almost five months. I’ve been using Corsair keyboards for many years, and I’ve never really had a problem. All the models I have used have aged so well that they have been practically preserved as new, and this has allowed me to give them to friends and family when I have changed to a higher model, or more current.

For example, a few years ago I was using a Corsair K70 RGB, a model I owned for about three years, and that I ended up changing for a Corsair K70 RGB MK2. When I went to make the change I realized that, except for the typical dust that usually accumulates on the underside of the keys, and that requires a deep cleaning, the keyboard was new. I decided to clean it, and ended up giving it to a lifelong friend who, at first, came to think it was new.

That a peripheral ages well says a lot about it, as it is a true reflection of its build quality, its useful life and the real value it offers for the price it has. Before I get my Corsair K70 RGB I had a membrane keyboard, the Gigabyte FORCEK7. My experience was good at first, but soon after the «space» key started to malfunction, and it didn’t age well at all, a reality that encouraged me to switch to a mechanical keyboard, and I ended up getting the Corsair K70 RGB. The experience was perfect from day one to the last. Today, this keyboard is still in the hands of my friend, and he is already a “senior”.

Corsair K60 RGB Pro

Corsair K60 RGB Pro: more for less, but without sacrifices

That would be the title I would give to a new review of the Corsair K60 RGB Pro, and well deserved. At the time, what most caught my attention was the quality of construction, the careful design and the high level of performance that Corsair was able to integrate into such a compact keyboard, while still maintaining a fairly reasonable price.

Today, five months later, the aesthetics of the Corsair K60 RGB Pro it still seems like a real pastNot least because of the excellent contrast generated by the Cherry Viola switches, which achieve a floating key effect with a white background that, together with the brushed aluminum on the front of the keyboard, forms an exquisite contrast when the RGB LED lighting is activated.

And speaking of Cherry Viola switches, the sensations they transmit to the touch, the intensity of the pulsation, the travel and the activation force make them an off-road option, which means that they are, as I said at the time, a sure value to unify work and leisure. The keyboard has aged wonderfully, so much so that it could perfectly pass as new, I would just have to dust it off a bit.

If you are looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard, with a minimalist design, a first-rate RGB LED lighting system and reliable switches capable of offering a good experience both working and playing, do not hesitate, the Corsair K60 RGB Pro is one of the best options currently on the market. Thinking of getting one? Well, I have good news for you, since it is reduced to 99.98 euros. If you prefer the low profile model, don’t worry, it is also reduced to 109.99 euros.