Corretja: “I wouldn’t put pressure on Djokovic to go for the gold”

A year later, but finally, we will have the Olympics. Virtually all tennis players are already in Japan for the Tokyo Olympics 2021. In a peculiar edition, with many casualties due to the harsh restrictions and the tight schedule, we will see how special it is to play for your country and the surprises that this brings, since many tennis players give an extra when they play for their flag. We were able to chat this morning with Alex Corretja, one of the experts of Eurosport, channel that will broadcast the Olympics in its entirety, and we have talked about several things to take into account in these Games as far as tennis is concerned.

Who do you think will be the favorites?

The first, Djokovic, how can it be otherwise. He is the top favorite and we will all agree with that. Due to the fact that it is not the best of five sets, that opens the range a bit to a series of tennis players such as Daniil Medvedev or Alexander Zverev, who have also shown that they can do very well in these types of tournaments.

Decision to go to the Olympics with the number of games that he has been playing and the pressure that he will feel

If he has made the decision to go, it is because he has enough energy to do so. If Novak has decided to go, it is because he feels it in his heart. I don’t think I need to prove anything. He is number 1 in the world, he has 20 Grand Slams, the tennis player with the most weeks as number 1 … if he is at 100% he will have great opportunities. He is the man to beat, and many will want to beat him. You will have to go step by step because the level is very high in men’s tennis and it is also the best of 3 sets. We will have to see the picture as well. I wouldn’t put too much pressure on him to go for the gold, I wouldn’t be disappointed if it was him and I didn’t win it. I don’t think I should feel more pressure than the rest.

Memories when it comes to living the Games

It was a unique experience for me. Being able to be surrounded by the rest of the athletes from all the countries, in the stadium, listening to the people shouting and cheering… for me it was one of the most special moments of my life. And being able to win the bronze with Albert, which was something we did not expect, was something incredible. When you are up there in the drawer, receiving the medal, which is something that you always saw on TV as a child, it was one of the most wonderful moments I have ever experienced. I would pay to have the opportunity to live that moment again. I am very happy to have been able to experience that.

Tournament conditions and covers

There is going to be a lot of humidity. They will be similar conditions, for example, to those in Miami. Hurkacz won there this year and is coming off doing well at Wimbledon. It may be one to consider.

Low theme and what do you think that there are so many

I think they should go to the Olympics. For my part there would be no doubts, although we need to separate the different cases. Tennis has a very tight schedule, compared to other sports. We have the four Slams, which are hard and you may not feel well physically depending on the moment and that is why you decide not to participate, not because you think that the Olympics are not important. You also have to bear in mind that right at the end, you have to return to the US and there are players who are Top 40 or 50 and prefer to play more tournaments and sacrifice the Olympics because they want to climb the ranking and have more options next year. Not everyone is ready for jet lag, different conditions, etc. For them, making that decision is very difficult because nobody wants to pass the Olympics but they want to be fresher for other tournaments, not because they don’t want to go.

Naomi Osaka returns

In this case, the fact that there will be no audience may help you in a way. Give it time and don’t put too much pressure on it. You have to give him space to feel good again. It’s a bit of a complicated story. There are times when everything seems to be fine, you see the ranking, the money you earn … but in life there are other problems. He didn’t expect something like this to happen to him on his part, because he always looked good and happy. I wish him the best, because when you suffer this is harder than it seems. It is also difficult to deal with something like that.

If the press has something to change about her

Talking to the press is part of our job. Sometimes it happens that the journalist tries to ask you something that makes you uncomfortable, but they also do their job. You can’t just ask and answer that if you hit the line, if you hit it flatter … that’s boring. We all have to help each other in a certain way, you have to let yourself go and not worry about what people might think of you.

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