Correos launches a stamp in tribute to health heroes against COVID-19

Correos has launched a new stamp with which they want to pay a deserved tribute to the different health professionals in our country who have been fighting the coronavirus since the beginning of the year. An authentic recognition of the heroes of this pandemic and that every day, they are in the front line of battle. “The best applause is to remain responsible” is the motto that accompanies this stamp. In this way, the company seeks to honor health professionals and also raise awareness among the population in this second wave that we are suffering due to outbreaks.

This new stamp completes the collection of the twenty-four stamps that are part of the special edition of the box baptized as ‘Covid-Heroes of the XXI century’ and that serves as a philatelic testimony of everything we have been suffering since last March. The case is available in a quadrilateral format on laminated cardboard where the stamps that pay tribute to these great heroes shine. Yes, it is a limited edition of a thousand units and with a value of 25 euros.

“As always, the Spanish have not forgotten the most vulnerable, forming lonely tides in which, for example, great chefs together with companies such as Correos, have delivered food to those who needed it most. Individuals and small businessmen have done their bit so that, as far as possible, this virus did not harm us too much”, They assure from the Post Office.

Health workers, State Security Forces and Bodies, firefighters, workers in food establishments, the transport sector, suppliers, as well as postal services and cleaning personnel, among others, have been groups of people who have been at the service of all of us since the state of alarm began on March 14 with its corresponding confinement of almost two months. A new strain of coronavirus that paralyzed practically everyone and that it continues to put us in check as scientists continue to work hard to find a vaccine.