Coronaviruses, autopsies of the bodies reveal shocking information | .

Chinese scientists have revealed quite interesting information regarding COVID-19 also known after making autopsies to the bodies of people who died from the virus.

In total, twenty-nine autopsies have been carried out chinese doctors, all people infected with coronavirus.

The discovery they have made is impressive as they mention according to the portal “I am Life” that this new coronavirus stays in your lungs after death, a medical expert from the Asian country reported.

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In addition to having shown information about the lungs, the infectious disease specialist from the Hospital No. 1 from Peking University, Wang Guiqiang He noted that autopsies had found severe damage to the patients’ immune systems and that this could be a very important factor at the time of death.

At the conference Wang also pointed out that the infection produced secretions in the bronchioles (last and finest branching of the bronchi) these were affected and that was the reason for the difficulty in breathing.

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In addition to this it was also discovered that other organs were affected such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

The coronavirus, by affecting L damaged immune system (the system that defends your body against diseases) patients would immediately become more vulnerable to any infection of bacteria or fungi.

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The most recent figures for the coronavirus in Mexico are very rare. There seems to be makeup. And they begin the testimonies of people who go through the health system, test positive and record it backwards.

– Jorge Berry (@jorgeberry)
   March 25, 2020

Wang Guiqiang also noted that recurrent infections are often major causes of worsening condition. the patients and even causing his death.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the elderly are more affected than other younger people and even children who have also been affected but with less force, we hope that with these autopsies they will reach effective conclusions to help the scientific community find an agent that immediately fights this virus.

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On March 16, María Martha, the first female victim of the coronavirus in Mexico, landed in Mexico City from Madrid. His flight was Iberia 6403. Her husband, Rafael, has described the lack of sanitary measures in the migration area, suitcases and customs.

– Pascal BeltrandelRio (@beltrandelrio)
   March 25, 2020