Sports events of all kinds have been postponed, canceled or modified as a result of coronavirus.

It is not necessary to be alarmists or create a situation of panic, but the risk is real and there are already economic and spectacle repercussions on the sports issue.

The situation in Europe, Asia and the United States has meant that in the last 24 hours sports leaders around the world have taken measures to prevent the spread of this disease.

Big events like the tournament Indian Wells tennis, or the Chinese GP they were canceled, as were the Italian-Spanish games in the UEFA Europa League and the Copa del Rey final.

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The Champions it has been played without an audience in the round of 16, while the friendly games of the Mexican National Team are at risk due to the measure taken by Donald Trump to cancel any flight from Europe for a month.

The IOC is determined not to postpone anything related to the Olympic Games. The economic interests are great, but how much can they resist with this position if we speak of a pandemic that continues to grow in the number of cases worldwide?

The NBA has canceled its season until further notice. And so more will come. Let’s understand that nothing in life is above health and so we will have to act. Key moments to get out of a health and economic crisis. Moments to get the best version of each one.

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