The Spanish, one of the templates most punished by the coronavirus pandemic, is waiting to receive in the next few hours the latest results of the tests carried out last Thursday, although a first advance indicates that no positive case has been detected. The planning after the training session is already designed: on Monday the preparatory sessions will resume at the ‘Dani Jarque’ facilities.


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The road in search of another miracle (salvation) will start on Monday. Abelardo and his technical team, strictly complying with the protection measures designed by LaLiga and approved by the Ministry of Health, will resume the preparatory sessions. The players of the squad, plus five of the subsidiary, will be divided into four groups that will work alternately on the field and in the gym. Very strict security measures and first days with individual training.

Espanyol was one of the teams most affected by the coronavirus (it had ten cases according to the coach) and some of the infected (Wu Lei and Cabrera) will work at a lower level to see what response capacity they give to the effort.

Pending the laboratory to complete the results of the tests carried out last Thursday, the most positive news is that so far no one at Espanyol has tested positive. Wu Lei It has been confirmed on social networks in China, advanced that, even, is immunized by testing positive for immunoglobolin antibodies.