“Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri”, the latest episode of the current season of the successful animated series for adults Rick and Morty, opens this week around the world with winks, as revealed by its producer and writer James Siciliano, to the necessary family therapy in times of pandemic.

“Rick and Morty is a series that is prepared well in advance. This season we started it more than a year ago. Our idea is to have timeless episodes that survive the passage of time. But undoubtedly many families confined together will be in need of therapy when the confinement orders are over, “Siciliano acknowledged in a telephone interview.

“What we are experiencing is worse than anything that could have occurred to us,” added the American producer on the raison d’ĂȘtre of a final chapter of which he did not give many details beyond his apparent link with current events.

Precisely, and as usual, approaching family life in moments of crisis falls as a ring to the finger for traumatic situations that the poor and scary “Morty” has experienced since 2013, when this series began to be broadcast by Adult Swim (the block of Cartoon Network programming starting at 9:00 pm) and in Latin America and Spain on TNT.

Thus, Rick and Morty revolves around intergalactic journeys, parallel dimensions and horrible science fiction experiences that scientific genius Rick and his 14-year-old grandson face together.


As a kind of Wizard of Oz, who draws the curtain to let see how magic is done, Siciliano revealed how the episodes of this series that is reaching its fourth season are brewing.

Each member of the team of eight writers, he said, led by series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, offers their own episode idea and develops segments with parliaments and sketches of what happens until an idea crystallizes.

“When the script is ready (although it is still being revised) it goes to the animation stage. The genius of our illustrators and animators is what takes our ideas to another level. They are the best in the world at what they do,” he stressed.

Regarding the anthology episodes, the most anticipated and commented by fans, Siciliano reported that each writer offers his favorite vignettes.

“Sometimes they are ideas that we liked, but that did not fit into the episodes when they were born,” he explained.

Thus, “Interdimensional Cable” was created in the first and in the second season, which had “Rick” and “Morty” watching what the television channels of the different dimensions that they had visited were transmitting.

And, in the third round of episodes, “Morty’s Mind Blowers” appeared, collecting the experiences that the grandfather had erased from his grandson’s mind because they were too traumatic.

Another key to the continued success of these cartoons was, according to the producer, that the team has paid special attention to female characters, including “Beth”, the mother of “Morty”, and her sister “Summer”.

“I think that there is no other ‘show’ of our style that has dealt with the development of women and that they are not only there to react with the follies of the protagonists,” she said.

What’s more, since the previous season, the writing team added four women, making them the first program of its kind to have gender equity among its writers.


Siciliano came to the series after being part of the writing team for the also animated series South Park on the cable channel Comedy Central, which he described as “a great school”, especially for “working under stress”.

Unlike Rick and Morty, Trey Parker and Matt Stone make each episode of South Park in six weeks and their goal is to keep them anchored to the events of the moment and be an unmistakable satire of the absurdity of the real situation.

In contrast, nihilism is one of the constants of Rick and Morty and what is most applauded by its fans, who made it in 2018 and 2019 the animated series most viewed by US millennials and hope that for much, much longer although they are calm .

Two years ago Cartoon Network renewed the series for 70 episodes, they have only made 10 new ones and the fifth season is almost ready, according to the producer.

Siciliano does not know what fate will bring “Rick”, “Morty” the rest of the family after the pandemic. As he has reflected with his team, which has continued to work from home in the confinement, he recognizes that no matter how timeless the series “this is so intense” that it has affected everything.

“We do not live in a bubble, but we still do not know how” Morty “will suffer. And the fact is that fans already know that” Rick “does not suffer for anything,” he concluded about this story, whose first seasons are available on Netflix.

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