Coronavirus | WHO advises against remdesivir

The Guidelines Development Group of the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a report advising against the use of remdesivir in patients admitted for coronavirus infection, as reported by Europa Press.

The brief, published in The BMJ magazine, explains that “There is no evidence that the application of this treatment improves survival or reduces the need for artificial ventilation”. However, since the beginning of the pandemic it has been used around the globe to treat patients with a severe illness due to the disease or those who remain hospitalized.

The WHO, in view of the massive use of the treatment, has developed a new review on the influence that the drug may have on coronavirus patients. To contribute to the study, the cases of about 7,000 patients have been analyzed and, in addition, the use of three other drugs has been discouraged.

“The scientific evidence is low and does not prove that there is any benefit after the use of remdesivir in the state of the patients”experts confirm.

Previous studies

Despite the fact that the status of remdesivir in medical practice is “uncertain”, experts support scientists to continue testing the drug to gather more information on the optimal use of it.

The report prepared by the WHO is not the first prepared on this matter, since on October 19 a letter was published in which the effect of the drug on mortality was claimed to be “disappointingly unpromising.”

The use of the drug was authorized in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States following the publication of a study sponsored by the United States National Institutes of Health in which there was a slight trend towards a greater possibility of survival in 29 days. But nevertheless, The WHO, in the report published in October, drew its conclusions after analyzing a sample five times larger than the one that led to the approval of the drug.