Honduras lives critical moments for the coronavirus, since since May began the number of infected per day increased drastically, so much so that this Saturday the count is already at 3,477 infected since the pandemic began. But despite this, the managers of the First Division, together with the committee of the Honduran Football Federation, are looking for a way to reactivate football in the country, partly for the economy and partly to provide more entertainment for people and with this, make them stay a little while at home.

The league and the Fenafuth council, together with the health authorities, have not reached an agreement for the ball to move again in catrachas lands, since cities such as Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula the issue of coronavirus is critical and they continue with extreme measures, while in the rest of the country people are already starting to leave, this with their due caution; reason why it is not easy to be able to decide what will be the dynamics for the season to resume.

The option to return to play

The option that is managed to see football again in Honduras is the possibility that matches are not played in the most affected cities and the league is one lap away. In case of taking this option, it would be speaking that the final phase of the tournament would be taking place in July and the preseason would be in August; this so that The Opening Tournament starts in September and analyze again which are the cities where you can play.

In addition to San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, andThere are other cities where football would not arrive due to the number of infected and to support the measures that the National Government has taken together with the health institutions, these are: El Progreso, Puerto Cortés, Tocoa and La Ceiba; while the places where it could be played are: Comayagua, Danlí, Siguatepeque, Juticalpa, Catacamas, Chotuleca, among others.

Pros and cons

In case of carrying out the aforementioned plan, the teams would not lose as much income as in the case of not playing the tournament, since in case of having to cancel this and hope that the next one can be played with the public, it could mean a loss of millions of lempiras, which would be catastrophic, since in many cases they would have to declare bankruptcy and with this having to disenroll; that is, the resumption must occur yes or yes in Honduras despite having to play fewer games.

LThe clubs are against playing behind closed doors, since that means close to 120 thousand lempiras, that is, a great contribution towards the payment of the salaries of the players, staff and administrative staff of the club. So the Federation and the league are planning to ask him for about 20 million lempiras to be able to resume that way and not be affected for this and the next tournament, which will surely also be played behind closed doors for much of the campaign.