The Government is already studying controlled tourism in Spain once it goes approaching the ‘new normal’. Two weeks after reaching phase 3, the provinces will be able, if all goes well, to the point of start receiving tourists and reactivate in this facet. Something that would be at the earliest on June 22 in the most advanced areas.

Teresa Ribera, fourth vice-president of the Government and minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, reviewed in an interview with El Periódico the process in which the mobility of tourism will be reactivated. “We can perfectly imagine that a citizen of Badajoz can go to spend a few days in Huelva, but perhaps those of Madrid cannot. That is what in the European space we call safe corridors, connecting areas with an equivalent level of security and statistical probability of contagion both at the origin and destination. Therefore, keeping all the precautions does not have to be a problem. In European destinations or provenances, the same scheme is likely to be reproduced. “

Permanent basic security measures

Thus, it places that June 22 as the date on the horizon to begin that movement. “If everything goes well, as we hope, it is very likely that that arrival can be triggered on the basis of the safe brokers on that date, “explains Teresa Ribera. Regarding the ‘new normality’, she states that” we understand that One hundred percent safe behaviors cannot occur until we have treatment or vaccination and there is a lot of uncertainty as to when that will happen. In order to live with the virus keeping it at bay we must keep certain certain cautions “.

Some basic security measures that will be maintained despite the phase advance such as “the physical distance between people, hand cleaning, are very likely to be maintained as a recommendation for everyone. It is something that culturally it represents a change for our country and in general the Latin countries. Keeping distance, not kissing, not hugging, things that are very daily, very natural, will be part of the recommendations. “

Finally, Teresa Ribera also analyzed how restrictions in the hospitality industry will evolve. “In that sector or on beaches, where it is difficult to maintain that distance, Limitations must be established through the Health Law or regional regulations, because in the new normal, by definition we will no longer be in the state of alarm. “

Pedro Sánchez confirmed that there will be a tourist season

During his appearance today, the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez stated that “there will be a tourist season this summer, with the purpose of reactivating national tourism, for which I invite all establishments, bars, restaurants and all tourist destinations in the country to resume its activity. “Pedro Sánchez also pointed out the end of June to start that regrowth of national tourism and a resume at the entrance of international tourists from July, although without specifying a specific date.