The new ones outbreaks across Europe have caused some countries to have taken preventive measures, such as France, which advises its citizens not to travel to Catalonia Due to the current delicate situation, with each time more outbreaks and infections.

Others, like Portugal, have established measures common to the rest of the countries: social distance of two meters and mandatory use of mask in transport and public services, as well as shops, supermarkets, closed spaces and places where crowds can occur.

Special measures in Azores and Madeira

While the road trip does not present any type of restriction regarding mobility, yes there is in the archipelagos of the Azores and Maderira. To travel to Madeira it will be necessary to present a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours before shipment Or, failing that, they can do it upon arrival.

In the case of traveling to the Azores four options are presented: present the proof of the test up to 72 hours before the flight departure, carry it out on arrival and be isolated until the result is obtained, carry out the voluntary quarantine of 14 at the indicated hotel, or return to the origin destination or any other outside the region, complying with the isolation at the hotel indicated until the moment of the flight.

Flights within the European Union

The reopening of borders within the Schengen area It is something that has been taking place gradually, but that can vary depending on the situation of the pandemic in each country. However, in Portugal there are flight limitations, with some exceptions: countries associated with the Schengen area, Algeria, Canada, South Korea, Morocco, Tunisia, China, essential trips originating in Portuguese-speaking countries and the United States (in Brazil, only Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).