Antonio Figueras, a scientist at the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), has warned on Twitter of the increase in sprouts in our country. It has also stated that “the population is not aware of the wave that is forming”, in addition to regretting that Spain is “wrong no, the following”.

He also wanted to remember that the number of infections in the world continues to rise, reason why it has alerted on the need of take “the precautionary measures, use the uncomfortable masks and do PCR”.

Criticism of the Government

One of the people most recognized by Spanish society has been Fernando Simón. Despite this, he has not escaped criticism from the scientist: “Man Fernando, from the start if you do a PCR you know if you are a carrier / infected with SARS-CoV-2, or not?”.

Nor did he like that the government decided eliminate the mandatory 15-day quarantine for foreign tourists entering to our country: “Do you want tourists and keep your population healthy? Implement income control measures for our country. I don’t care if they are European or from third countries. ”

Following that line, he assured that tourism economy and health are not compatible: “And when infected tourists arrive, warn the population. Calculation of probabilities. Several hundred a week. And if you see the curve in linear and not logarithmic, it is to run away. “


Figueras has also referred to sprouts that are emerging in our country: “This week 1,832 cases. Last week 1,638. Everything is going well. Cantabria is opened to the Basque Country. And the outbreaks begin in Cantabria. Hopefully they control it in Cantabria. Galicia arrive from Portugal. Portugal receives flights from Brazil and the USA. Everything is controlled”.

Finally, he also made a appeal to the responsibility of the population To prevent further spread of infections: “Do you really believe that when we have a vaccine it will protect everyone the same? That the immune response of a 30-year-old is the same as that of a 60-year-old? That immunity is going to be durable and that it is going to protect everyone equally? That there will be doses for everyone? “.