Health authorities continue to reiterate the the need to comply with prevention and hygiene measures to contain the advance of the virus and have warned on multiple occasions of the danger posed by nightlife venues, where many outbreaks are being detected throughout Spain. In these discotheques and parties where attendees forget the need to keep the safety distance and the use of the mask as a protection element.

The last example of what not to do has been seen in the Malaga municipality of Torremolinos, wheren a leisure venue, a party was held attended by dozens of people who did not follow the measures established by the authorities. According to what was seen on social networks, there was no trace of masks or safety distance between people who enjoyed the event.

But the worst came during the concert that the musical group Les Castizos offered. As seen in the video, a person spits the liquid that he drinks from a bottle to the people around him, to later fill different glasses with that bottle. As seen in the images there is no safety distance, there are dances and no masks, just the opposite of what experts indicate.

Les Castizos have deleted their profiles on social networks

After this video was leaked and went viral, The musical group Les Castizos has deleted their official profiles on Twitter and Instagram. These images have forced different autonomous communities in recent days to regulate nightlife in pubs, clubs and venues, the main measure being to establish a limit both in the hours and in the number of attendees.

The risk posed by the celebration of these parties without security measures is the potential uncontrolled spread of the virus, since in the event of an outbreak it becomes very difficult to keep track of the virus, since There is no contact between attendees and sometimes there is not even a record of attendees.