Coronavirus: The Junta de Andalucía will announce on Sunday if it strengthens the measures against Covid

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, will preside next Sunday the meeting of the Advisory Committee on High Impact Public Health Alerts to analyze the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and decide whether to “extend, make flexible or toughen” the activated restrictions at 00:00 hours on November 10 and that will be in force until 00:00 hours on Tuesday 24.

This was announced by the Minister of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior, Elías Bendodo, at the press conference after the weekly meeting of the Governing Council, where he warned that if the curve of contagions, hospital admissions and ICU admissions It is not reduced to “we will have to continue taking measures, whatever is necessary.”

Bendodo has assured that the objective of the Andalusian Government with these measures is that next December, “if the curve allows it, the economy can be made more flexible and open a little to save the Christmas season”, and has insisted on the message of that “we cannot relax for a minute” because “we are risking the future of an entire generation.”

Moreno himself warned this Tuesday on his Twitter account that the “slight drop” in the incidence data of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the autonomous community during the last two days “is still insufficient” and has defended that “we cannot relax for not a single minute.

Andalusia decreed from 00:00 hours on the 10th and until November 23, the closure of all non-essential activities from 18:00 hours, extended the curfew from 22:00 to 07:00 hours and confined all the municipalities of the community, of which it will only be possible to enter and exit in a justified manner, in addition to maintaining the perimeter fence of the community in force.

The closure of all non-essential activities after 6:00 p.m. is more demanding in the province of Granada, where the serious incidence of the pandemic forced to decree the complete closure of all non-essential activities with the recommendation to the public to “go out alone for what is strictly necessary.