Coronavirus | The golden rule to limit the spread of the virus at Christmas

There is little left for Christmas to arrive and experts and different governments are concerned about a time of year in which contacts and social gatherings are intensifying. It is a festive period, in which there are celebrations, an aspect that in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic worries a lot, since it can help the virus to circulate again and spread quickly and at the beginning of the year we have a third wave of cases on top.

So, there are multiple recommendations that arrive from different areas to try to ensure that Christmas does not lead to a massive transmission of the pathogen. The last one has come from the toilets themselves, who have suffered in the front line the harshness of the pandemic, and who point out a golden rule to avoid contagion at the end of the year parties.

The toilets point out that The most important rule of thumb is not to spend time indoors with people who are not living together. That is, they strongly ask that being in the homes with other people be avoided at all costs, so they indicate that There is no choice but to make Christmas dinners and meals only with the people we live with.

The medical staff explains that there are several studies that conclude that the spread of the coronavirus is mainly carried out by aerosols. Therefore, they add that closed spaces where people talk, sing and eat represent a greater danger for coronavirus infections And we must not forget that Christmas celebrations usually take place in closed spaces, in a festive atmosphere where people talk, sing and eat.

It is not the only recommendation that the toilets do for the Christmas season. Aware that there are going to be encounters with non-cohabiting people, they indicate that heor it is more advisable that these meetings do not take place indoors and if so they ask that they last no more than 15 minutes if the group of people is made up of non-cohabitants.

The health workers remember that there are different vaccine projects such as that of Pfizer and BioNTech and that of Moderna in a very advanced state, so there is reason to think that throughout 2021 there will be more than one vaccine available to combat the pandemic. Therefore, they assure that It will be a different Christmas, but they ask for an effort from society, because this situation will not be eternal and next year we will be able to celebrate Christmas as we have always done.