Coronavirus | The expert behind the Spanish vaccine of the CSIC puts a date on group immunity

Mariano Esteban is one of the Spanish scientists who is working in our country on the development of a vaccine, specifically that of the CSIC. The researcher has participated in ‘Espejo Público’, by Antena 3, to analyze the recent advances that have been known in different vaccine projects such as Pfizer or Moderna. Stephen has commented on the importance of achieving group immunity, because he has ensured that at that time normality will return: “As the population sees that the vaccine protects, we will exceed the threshold of 70% of group immunity and with that we will be able to conquer this pandemic. In a year we will have group immunity and we will be able to live peacefully and enjoy life “, has assured.

The scientist has also commented on the news about the effectiveness shown by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine and has assured that In a few days AstraZeneca, which is working together with the University of Oxford in the development of a vaccine, will announce that it is also more than 90% effective: “We are at a very high level of efficiency, although we have to wait to see the results in a higher number of people to verify that all the requirements are met.”

During the interview, Mariano Esteban also referred to the vaccine in which the Center for Biotechnology of the CSIC, the institution to which he belongs, is working. As he has ventured, Phase 3 of the clinical trials of this vaccine, the last stage, in which the dose is tested in humans, will begin in mid-2021.

The vaccine will increase the confidence of the population

In addition, he has valued the importance that a center in our country such as the CSIC will have for the Spanish population to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. Esteban recalled that there is a large part of the population that states that they would not be vaccinated immediately, but Esteban believes that this would change as soon as the population sees that there are vaccines against COVID-19. “If there are effective vaccines against COVID-19 there will be acceptance by society”, has commented.

How does the CSIC vaccine work?

Mariano Esteban is one of the CSIC’s vaccine research leaders. A few months ago, in an interview in COPE, he detailed the advances of this remedy and how the Spanish prototype differs from others: “The Spanish vaccine differs from the others in that it is a variant of the one used for smallpox.” “We have put in the coronavirus protein and in that sense the vaccine meets the animal requirements. It produces antibodies and activates the C lymphocytes of the immune system. If the infection appears, we get them to destroy the virus “he explained.