India exceeds 5.11 million infections with more than 83,000 fatalities


The coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan has registered more than 205,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to more than 29.86 million infected people and exceeding 940,000 fatalities, according to the balance published this Thursday by Johns Hopkins University.

In total, 29,868,230 people have contracted the virus, of which more than half are in the three most affected countries – the United States, India and Brazil – while there are already 940,716 fatalities.

With regard to recoveries, more than 20.31 million people have already managed to overcome COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus. India tops the list, with more than 4.02 million patients cured.

The United States continues to be the country most affected by the pandemic worldwide, with 6.63 million infected people and 196,802 fatalities, after adding more than 36,000 new cases from the previous balance.

India remains the second most affected country by the pandemic and already exceeds 5.11 million people infected with 83,198 fatalities. In third position, Brazil registers 4.41 million infected and 134,106 deaths, after registering more than 36,000 positives in the last day.

In the fourth position, Russia accumulates 1.07 million cases and 18,853 deaths. The fifth place is occupied by Peru, with a total of 738,020 cases and 30,927 deaths, while Colombia is the sixth country most affected by the pandemic, with 736,377 infections and 23,478 deaths.

Next, Mexico counts 680,931 infected people and 71,978 deaths, followed by South Africa, the country most affected by the pandemic in the entire African continent, with 653,444 cases and 15,705 deaths.


In ninth position, Spain is the European Union country with the most cases, with a total of 614,360 positives and 30,243 deaths. The ‘top 10’ is completed by Argentina, which adds 11,674 cases in the last 24 hours and accumulates 589,012 infections and 12,116 deaths.

Next, France overtakes Chile with 443,869 positives and 31,056 fatalities, while in Chilean territory there are 439,287 infections and 12,058 deaths and Iran counts 439,287 infected people and 23,632 deaths.

Already in the arc of the 300,000 infections are the United Kingdom, with 380,677 cases and 41,773 deaths; Bangladesh, with 342,671 infected and 4,823 dead; Saudi Arabia, with 327,551 positives and 4,369 deaths; Pakistan, with 303,634 cases and 6,399 deaths; and Iraq, with 303,059 positives and 8,248 deaths.

In the range of 200,000 to 300,000 infections are Turkey (296,391), Italy (291,442), the Philippines (272,932), Germany (266,869) and Indonesia (228,869).


In the group with more than 100,000 infected are Israel (171,768), Ukraine (170,278), Canada (141,852), Bolivia (128,872), Qatar (122,449), Ecuador (121,525), Kazakhstan (107,056), Romania (107,011), Republic Dominican Republic (105,521), Panama (103,466) and Egypt (101,500).

Below the 100,000 positive threshold are Kuwait, with 96,999 cases, Belgium (95,948), Morocco (92,016), Oman (91,196), the Netherlands (90,425) and China, the country that saw the birth of the pandemic, which accounts for 90,253 infections and 4,736 fatalities. Sweden, Guatemala and the United Arab Emirates are also above 80,000.

Surpassing 70,000 cases are Belarus, Japan and Poland, while with more than 60,000 cases are Honduras, Portugal, Ethiopia, Venezuela and Bahrain. The barrier of 50,000 cases is already exceeded by Singapore, Nigeria, Costa Rica and Nepal.