Coronavirus | The Community of Madrid will close during the Constitution Bridge

The Executive led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso has decided to close the borders of the region during the Constitution Bridge, which will be held between December 4 and 8, to limit mobility in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic, according to sources familiar with the decision informed Europa Press.

The closure will continue beyond the aforementioned bridge, since it will begin on December 4 at 00:00 hours and will end at the same time on December 14, as confirmed by the deputy minister of Public Health of the community, Antonio Zapatero.

The closure of the region during the Puente de la Constitución is the third in the Community of Madrid after the perimeter confinement decreed during the bridges of Todos los Santos and the Virgen de la Almudena. In addition, it joins five other regions that had previously announced their closure for these dates.

Liberated areas

Starting Monday at 00:00, 7 basic health areas will be able to recover full mobility throughout the Community of Madrid when the perimeter closure is lifted which was subjected to them due to its high incidence accumulated in the last 14 days, as confirmed by the general director of Public Health, Elena Andradas.

These areas, in which the cumulative incidence in 14 days has decreased by more than 50%, are:

In the city of Madrid:

Nunez Morgado (Chamartín)

Angel Gate (La Latina)

Virgin of Begoña (Fuencarral-El Pardo)

Villaamil (Tetouan)

In other municipalities:

Puerto neighborhood and Doctor Tamames (Coslada)

Painters (Parla)