Many Spaniards already plan their summer vacations. Unless the outbreaks prevent it, the new normality will allow moving between provinces in the summer season and although they will be atypical stays, most look forward to those days off after hard months of confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, when planning where to go on vacation, it will be necessary to be very attentive to the new guidelines established by the autonomous communities for the new normality. In the Canary Islands, according to the conditions imposed by the regional government, Persons who do not live in the same residence may not stay in the same room. Specifically, the document that governs the rules of the new normality published in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands indicates that in tourist accommodation establishments “The shared use of accommodation units by non-cohabitants will not be allowed.”

All day together, except sleeping

In other words, a group of friends who want to spend a few days on the beach, a couple who does not live together or siblings who no longer live in the family unit will not be able to stay in the same room. They will be able to live together, for example being in the common areas of the hotel, going to the beach, walking, eating. But at bedtime, separately.

Speaking to Cadena Ser, the consul of Ireland in Lanzarote, Eileen Izquierdo, has expressed her disagreement With this decision of the Canary Government: “It is a paragraph that could screw everything up.” “There are people who have canceled their vacations for this, they do not want to expose themselves to a fine”, has added.

The standard can be modified

The document that establishes the norms of the new normality in the Canary Islands is subject to modifications. The autonomous communities can make changes at any time, as we have seen in Galicia with the use of masks. In fact, as the Cadena Ser has revealed in the same information, Sources from the Regional Government’s Ministry of Tourism have assured that this article will probably be modified soon. In reality, all the legs that make up tourism are attentive to this change. Hotel companies, tourists, hotels and restaurants and even the authorities. It is a decision of great significance, since the revival of tourism can be greatly affected if this rule is not altered.