The Political Commission of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador and members of the Executive of Nayib Bukele have not been able to agree on a declaration on epidemic zones of the coronavirus, after meeting to compose a plan on the health emergency and the reactivation of the economy in the Latin American country, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposal of MPs from Arena and the FMLN is to empower the Ministry of Health to “establish portions in the territory” of El Salvador according to the incidence and prevalence of the disease in each area. The Government, for its part, suggests declaring the entire national territory as an epidemic area subject to sanitary control to combat COVID-19, the local newspaper ‘El Mundo’ has reported.

The Legislative and Executive branches have met to discuss a law that will allow economic activities to resume gradually in El Salvador, after the quarantine decreed to combat the advance of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both projects are similar, but the Executive proposes to start the phases of economic resumption after 15 days of quarantine and leaves under its decision the ability to make any changes to the economic reactivation model. It also provides for an emergency declaration.

The political tension in the Central American nation is increasing. The government of Nayib Bukele ordered in March the confinement in the context of a state of national emergency backed by Congress but which was hardening before the annoyance of the deputies, who came to accuse him of abuse of power, unleashing a new institutional crisis that reached the Constitutional.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador suspended the national emergency decreed by Bukele and revived the one approved by the Assembly in March, calling on the bodies to agree on a law “that guarantees the fundamental rights of the inhabitants in this pandemic “and asking the Salvadoran president to seek social harmony.


Meanwhile, doctors from the Medical College of El Salvador have recommended to the authorities that they change their plans to combat COVID-19. Specifically, they have suggested that community transmission of the virus should be cut, for which they should go out to diagnose cases on the ground, as reported by the newspaper ‘La Prensa Gráfica’.

“We propose a change in strategy that consists of (health professionals) going out to look for the virus in communities, neighborhoods, neighborhoods and in all municipalities,” said infectious disease doctor Jorge Panameño.

Until now, the strategy of the Government of El Salvador has been the mandatory home quarantine, the closure of airports and borders, and the restriction of citizen mobility between municipalities.

“We can no longer hide and wait for the virus to pass, because that is not possible, we must fight it directly (…) We must fight the pandemic in a different way than it has been done,” said Panamanian.

Doctors have also proposed working with cross-data to better understand the behavior of the virus, in addition to making a change in hospitalization, since there are cases of people who carry the virus but do not have any symptoms.


On the other hand, the Constitutional Chamber has ordered this Monday the authorities involved in the preparation and execution of the repatriation plan for Salvadoran citizens abroad to send again a return plan for those who have not yet been able to return to the country, due to the emergency derived from COVID-19.

According to the Chamber, the Salvadoran authorities have not presented all the elements of “identification and documentation” of the returnees, although this phase has already concluded, “El Mundo” has been transferred.

Thus, it gives it a period of three days, counted from the notification of compliance with the precautionary measure, to prepare a return plan for Salvadorans living abroad.

The health authorities of El Salvador have registered, up to now, a total of 1,983 cases of coronavirus, 36 deaths included.