The Spanish Army will go to Albalate de Cinca (Huesca) tomorrow, as part of a reconnaissance operation to study possible measures to attend to seasonal workers who have tested positive. In this mission, install tents and an ablution container, with showers and toilets, to accommodate these workers.

The situation has worsened with the confirmation of up to 29 new cases among the thirty immigrants who live in an illegal settlement, an old warehouse used for years as a hostel.

It’s about the first intervention to be carried out by the Armed Forces since the state of alarm was lifted on June 21, and associated with it, the end of the Balmis operation. The main objective of this task is Aimed at avoiding a possible regrowth by facilitating the isolation of infected temps.


Pilar Alegría, delegate of the Government in Aragon, has announced this military action, which has been taken after José Ángel Solans, president of the Cinca Medio region, and Ricardo Chárlez, mayor of the town, They will request help from the Government through a letter.

Although apparently the outbreak is under control, the Aragonese Minister of Health, Sira Repollés, has described as “worrying” the situation in this municipality. At the end of June, the Cinca Medio already had to go back in the de-escalation to apply relaxed measures of phase 2 due to the outbreaks between temps.

The situation in Aragon

The increase in cases in Aragon has spread to other areas, and the current major focus is in Zaragoza capital. The autonomous executive announced Today 166 new infections in the last 24 hours, and 98 of them were in the city tomorrow. Also, hospitalizations for COVID-19 continue to increase.