Coronavirus | The ACT Accelerator, the new WHO initiative to find a vaccine

The World Health Organization, in search of a effective system through which to develop and distribute vaccines to the world when they become available, has brought together heads of state, health leaders and scientists in the Paris Peace Forum.

The objective of this meeting is none other than to discuss how to satisfy the ACT Accelerator funding needs, the project launched by the WHO for the development of all treatment and diagnosis that can ease the pressure of coronavirus globally.

Thus, the new contributions to ensure the viability of the project now amount to 4.3 billion euros. However, the World Health Organization has indicated that it is not enough: this year an additional 3,540 million are needed, while by 2021 20,160 million euros will be needed to ensure that all tools can reach any corner of the planet.

This figure for next year is equivalent, as recalled by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to “the same amount that the sector of the transport and the world tourism sector in just two days of closure“. Therefore, he has urged “invest in the ACT Accelerator” instead of “fighting longer with all the containment measures that we have suffered during this pandemic.”

The achievements of the ACT Accelerator

During his speech, the WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has described this pandemic as “unprecedented”, and that “has taken the whole world hostage. The only option we have is cooperation and solidarity. “

In just six months since its launch, the ACT Accelerator, through its association and thanks to the main international health organizations, has already has achieved great achievements: more than 50 diagnostic tests are being evaluated and they are being made available to lower-income countries. But not only that, but every time more rapid antigen diagnostics are tested, the vaccine portfolio is broader and the requirements of the systems for the delivery of COVID-19 tools in four of the six regions of the world.

“The urgent $ 4.2 billion financing need will save lives, will lay the foundation for the massive procurement and supply of COVID-19 tools around the world and will provide an exit strategy from this global economic and human crisis“, indicates the WHO. In this regard, the European Commission, France, Spain, South Korea and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have promised a new contribution of 303 million euros to COVAX, one of the great pillars of this ACT Accelerator.