TEXAS – Given the high number of coronavirus cases, several counties have opened centers so people can get free tests for coronavirus, as long as they have symptoms.

In Dallas, the first self-service sites opened their doors on March 21, and have since conducted hundreds of tests, many of which have tested positive. In Tarrant County, a center was also opened for testing medical and emergency personnel. Below we share the addresses:

Dallas County

American Airlines Center: 2500 Victory Plaza Dallas, Texas Ellis Davis Field House: 9191 S Polk St. Dallas, Texas Walmart Distribution Center: 1025 W. Trinity Mills Rad, Carrollton, Texas

About this last center in Walmart, officials indicate that the tests will be carried out by self-service and in the parking lot of the place. They will be available from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. m. to 11 a. m. To determine eligibility and go to that place, you can visit www.doineedacovidtest.com.

Tarrant County

The University of North Texas Health Science Center: 3500 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas

Johnson County

550 Summercrest Blvd Burleson, Texas: Doctor’s appointment and order required. Tests are administered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. m. at 5 p. m. For more details you can call 817-295-1121.

One thing Dallas County officials want you to consider is that the tests will not be done on anyone. Below, we share the requirements:

Trouble breathing Cough Fever 99.6 or higher

If they do not meet the requirements, then they will not be able to perform the test to detect COVID-19, according to authorities.

Dallas authorities also shared the following information after community concerns:

Where can I get tested if I feel sick?
If they are Parkland patients, they can use the drive-through style test facility. If you are not a Parkland patient, you can use the drive-through testing facilities at the American Airlines Center (AAC; 2500 Victory Plaza) or Ellis Davis Field House (EDFH; 9191 S Polk Street). People should have the following symptoms to be tested at the Dallas facility: (1) shortness of breath; (2) cough; and (3) fever of 99.6 or more. These facilities are open from 8 a.m. at 8 p.m.

As a reminder, any employee who works 80 hours within the Dallas city limits within one year is entitled to pay for absence from work due to illness. There are no exceptions. You are encouraged to take the time to get tested if you have symptoms.

I am afraid because I am undocumented. Will I be considered a public charge if I take the test?
Information about your immigration status is not collected on these test sites. USCIS encourages all those, including foreigners, who have symptoms similar to the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) (fever, cough, respiratory distress) to seek the necessary medical treatment or preventive services. Such medical treatment or prevention services will not adversely affect foreigners as part of the future analysis of public charge. According to USCIS, reliance on public assistance for your children as a result of the Stay at Home, Stay Safe order would not count against you under the public charge rule.
Do I need an ID to get tested? If so, what type? Can it be a non-governmental identification?
Photo identification is required at test sites. The identification does not have to be a US issued identification. USA Therefore, passports and other government IDs issued by other countries will be accepted.

The American Airlines Center (AAC; 2500 Victory Plaza) or Ellis Davis Field House (EDFH; 9191 S Polk Street) will also accept other forms of identification, for example, those issued by work or by a church.

Is the health care database provided to immigration authorities?
Medical information is private under federal law. The information will only be shared with the local health laboratory and the health department so they can follow up if a test comes back positive. Information about your legal status is not collected on these test sites.
Is medical care regarding the virus free?
The test conducted at Parkland and the two City of Dallas facilities is free. Any follow-up care with a medical provider can be provided at a cost depending on the provider.
What do I do if my non-core business employer asks us to come to work, despite the Stay at Home, Stay Safe order?
Failure to comply with the Stay at Home, Stay Safe order could result in penalties for you and your employer. These cases can be reported by calling 311 in the city of Dallas or the code enforcement department of your local police department in other cities.
Where can I request more information?

Call 211: for more information on COVID and to find resources.