Coronavirus | Star Care FFP2 masks: prices, types, characteristics and where to buy online

Masks are essential in the fight against COVID-19 because they help us prevent infections. Therefore, its use has become widespread throughout the world, being mandatory in most activities of our daily lives. We can usually find these products in pharmacies, supermarkets and online platforms. The Spanish company that provides masks Star care presents on its website various models of hygienic, surgical and FFP masks, as well as the way to buy them online.

FFP2 masks

On the one hand, we have the FFP masks, which are the most used due to their high filtration capacity, especially when we believe that we are going to be highly exposed to the virus. Specifically, the most used are FFP2, which, according to Star Care, have a 98% filtration of particulate aerosolsas well as a bidirectional protection, so we avoid infecting and being contagious. Additionally, they can be worn for up to eight hours. This type of mask is certified by the European Community (CE) and is regulated by the EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard, which guarantees its authenticity.

Masks FFP2 – NR (not reusable) from the Spanish company can be purchased at packages of 50 units by 99.50 euros. This type of mask will be on sale soon for children and another model for adults in black color. Likewise, on the Star Care page it is indicated that they will also be marketed FFP3 masks, with 99% filter capacity, also bidirectional, which can be purchased in packages of ten units.

Star care

Surgical masks

You can also find Type IIR disposable surgical masks, with a 98% filtration capacity. Its duration is four hours and they are not reusable either. Like the FFPs, they are also CE certified and regulated by EN 14683-2019 + AC: 2019. They can be purchased at packages of ten units per 4.99 euros, a minimum order of five units, that is, 50 masks. This type of face shield is also available now for children for the same price.

Hygienic masks

Finally, we will find Type IIR hygienic masks, with characteristics very similar to surgical ones. They also have a 98% filtering capacity, can be used during four hours and of course, they are not reusable. They are CE certified and regulated by EN 14683-2019 + AC: 2019, YY / T0969-2013 standards. The main difference with the previous ones is its lower price, since a pack of ten cost 2.99 euros. However, you also have to place a minimum order of five units.