Spain will open its borders with Morocco and China if there is “reciprocity”, that is, if the same treatment is given to Spaniards when they visit these two countries. The Government Minister-Spokesperson, Maria Jesus Montero, on Tuesday at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, list of 15 countries outside the European Union to which the borders will be opened this week. These are: Thailand, Algeria, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, New Zealand, Tunisia, Rwanda, Serbia, Uruguay, and Morocco and China if they meet these conditions of reciprocity.

“This week is decisive for international policy because the external borders of the Union will be reopened,” Montero said, adding that Spain will adopt the European recommendations that allow the entry of travelers from third countries. The also Finance Minister explained that the Government expects the EU to approve the recommendations this Tuesday. so that the order can be issued tomorrow and that it takes effect on July 2 or 3.

Crossing the Strait Operation

In the provisional list, he insisted, China and Morocco are included. With the African country, the government spokesperson has detailed that the situation is “more unique” than there is with China, because in Europe there have been “different positions”. Spain, she has indicated, has spoken with the Moroccan government so that they open “reciprocally.”

In Morocco, Montero commented, “they know the special incidence of Operation Crossing the Strait, where Spain receives thousands of people every summer.” In this sense, the Government will agree with Morocco on the “controls” that will have to be carried out in Operation Crossing the Strait.

Reviewable list and under “epidemiological criteria”

Finally, the spokesperson that this list of 15 countries, among which the United States is not included, it has been done based on “epidemiological and non-diplomatic criteria” and it has made clear that this list is subject to constant revision due to the evolution that each country experiences in the coronavirus pandemic.