Updated on 04/20/2020 at 20:15

The singer Joaquín Sabina He has starred in a fleeting public reappearance in the last hours, the first since his discharge from the hospital where he was treated in February when he fell off the stage during a concert and suffered various complications that led him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for several days.

“For me, who am fearful, I am just not afraid of confinement, because I have many books”, he pointed out in a video posted on the official Twitter profile of the Cervantes Institute in full lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sabina, who in this recording at the gates of Book Day endorses Borges’ words that “paradise is a library”, also participated a few hours earlier in an interview with Jordi Évole broadcast on La Sexta, in which he spoke of his hospital admission.

“It was stronger than you think. I have up to two operations, titanium and a bruise on my head ”, The jienense stressed in his speech, in which, however, he did not hesitate to point out: “I have no intention of dying, that death should die.”

It was last February 12, during a concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid, when Sabina fell into the pit in front of the stage from a height of approximately 1.70 meters, causing a Trauma of left shoulder, thoracic and cranioencephalic and a “small clot” that was intervened.

“I know I wound up on a cable and hit a host,” he told Évole, adding this factor to the causes of his fall, which was then only attributed to having been dazzled by a spotlight.

With him was his friend and tour partner Joan Manuel Serrat, who became very alarmed as a first-hand witness. “My cousin the Catalan was very worried because he saw me very badly for a couple of days”Sabina confessed about it.

His forced recovery has forced him to carry a longer confinement than the rest of society, something to which the author of “Closed by demolition” has removed iron.

“It scares me that they tell me that I can’t go to a restaurant with 15 friends and spend hours after dinner”, He has pointed out in this regard, before showing his concern about the situation of culture before the slowdown caused by the pandemic.


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