Coronavirus.- Russia confirms almost 560 deaths from coronavirus and another 20,900 cases in the last hours


The Russian authorities have confirmed this Saturday another 20,900 more cases and almost 560 deaths from coronavirus during the last 24 hours, a day after exceeding the threshold of 68,000 deaths, as has been collected by the operational center for the fight against the pandemic .

The agency has detailed that during the last day 20,921 cases and 559 deaths have been detected, which places the total at 3,698,273 affected and 68,971 deaths.

Most of the new infections were detected in Saint Petersburg (3,056), in the capital (2,668) and in the province of Moscow (1,121). In the section of deaths, the most affected areas were Saint Petersburg (73 new deaths), Moscow (64) and the province of the same name (39).

According to the operational center, 27,779 people were discharged in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 3,109,315.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin signed an order on Thursday to ease some of the restrictions imposed on the city, after pointing to “cautious optimism” about epidemiological data in recent weeks.

The authorities began on Monday a new phase of the vaccination campaign in which the general population can already be immunized, after considering that the population at risk is already vaccinated, for which the number of vaccination points will be increased.