Coronavirus | Rovi predicts how long it will take to make Moderna’s vaccine

The race to get one vaccine that manages to stop the coronavirus pandemic it seems every day more close to its end. Following the announcements from Pfizer and Russia about the efficacy of their vaccines, this Monday was the Modern biotech company the one that published its first results: it has a 94.5% efficiency.

This American company develops his essays and much of the process in his own country, but for its production at European level it is in Spain where this process of creation: at the Madrid headquarters of the Rovi Laboratories. But not only in the factory Saint Sebastian of the kings, but in the rest of the plants there will be activity to give manufacturing support.

In a talk with Pablo Rodero, a journalist for 20 minutes, the vice president Javier López-Belmonte reveals the importance of being part of this process for the company. A process that will involve manufacturing for all regions outside the United States, including “Asia, Europe, South America, and Canada”.

Vaccine validation process

The vice president of Rovi explains that from the laboratory will be in charge of making “the pharmaceutical product (manufacturing and packaging in vials), once the raw material arrives from the biotechnology part developed by the Swiss company Lonza“Regarding the big question, that of when the vaccine will begin to be manufactured, López-Belmonte responds:” We will continue to carry out technology transfer activities throughout this quarter, for the remainder of the year, and we can start packing at the beginning of next year“.

Regarding these technology transfer activities, the manager explains the steps to follow before manufacturing the final product. “First know the manufacturing process itself. Once it is mastered and known, you have to start making the batches called engineering to start it up after validation and, those validation batches, you have to send them to the regulator“.

Finally, it is the European Medicines Agency giving the go-ahead to begin manufacturing the vaccine. “These processes they can take a year and a half and in this case it will be done in months“.

Arrival of the vaccine in Europe

As the vice president of Rovi explains, first doses will be for the United States “because Moderna is starting manufacturing there. We are doing the previous tasks so that, hopefully, early next year we can get regulatory approval and start manufacturing routinely. “

And once the regulatory body gives the green light for the manufacture of the product, it is time to start working on the last process, which lasts “only a few days and then the process of liberation and of verifying the sterility of the product is 15 or 20 days. In a month it would be ready more or less, “says López-Belmonte.

For the Spanish company it means a true “milestone” your presence in this “world-scale project, which is for the sake of being able to get out of this pandemic and this nightmare that we are living. That Rovi and Spain have a role in this makes us feel tremendously proud and responsible knowing the role that we are going to have“, concludes the manager.