“Now the government is tightening its belt, that’s why some say ‘where is the plan to reactivate the economy?'” Said the president.

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He summarized in three points the plan that he unveiled on Sunday to reactivate the economy, once the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico is overcome: 22 million beneficiaries of social programs, 2 million new jobs and 2,100,000 credits for housing and small and medium entrepreneurs.

“People will know what I am talking about, specialists not because they are used to other actions, they stayed in the almanac. They want the recipes of the neoliberal period and we have already said that they will not be applied because they do not solve the problem, on the contrary, they aggravate it and only deepen corruption, “he said during the morning conference.

“First we have to get out of the epidemic, and we are going to do it. Despite the regrets, we will get ahead, the coronavirus will not beat us“, he claimed.

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The federal president reiterated that in circumstances like these in the past, Fobaproa occurred, with which private debts of a few became public debt.

“It left a hole in finances. We Mexicans are still paying that huge debt and they are also used to the rescue of those above, not to be taxed, to increase the price of gasoline, to no increase in wages, to lay off workers, etc ”, he stated.

“All that can be summed up in saying‘ let the people tighten their belts, no way; It is a global crisis and there is nothing more to do but sacrifice ourselves. ’ Now the government is tightening its belt, that’s why some say ‘where is the plan to revive the economy?’ because what they want is a starting signal to once again establish corruption in Mexico and not that, “he said.

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López Obrador said that for nine months half of Mexicans will be helped with a welfare program, at least, and that 95% of the poor will receive support.

“Yesterday I promised that by December 1 I can say that 100% of the poor in Mexico are being supported. This represents an investment of more than 500 billion pesos, which is intended for the poorest, “he said.

He explained that the two million new jobs will come from the revival of the construction industry because it will work in popular neighborhoods with the introduction of water, drainage, pavement, and construction of housing. Likewise, he indicated that the Seeding Life program will be expanded to 200 thousand more planters and that the lifting of the Maya Train will give 80 thousand jobs.

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In the case of credits, he pointed out that ISSSTE credits will be given to around 600 thousand workers; They will be 25 thousand, 50 thousand and 150 thousand pesos. Nearly one million housing loans from Infonavit and Fovissste will also be granted.

“And we are going to allocate 25 thousand mp for loans to one million small businesses, 500 thousand for small companies in the formal sector of the economy and 500 thousand for small companies in the informal sector,” he said.

“This is going to reactivate the economy because it is an important economic spill. We have the money, and it is not debt. In order to finance these supports, we are gathering resources from funds and trusts, we are making decisions to deepen the republican austerity plan, ”he assured.

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“No worker is going to be fired at the service of the State. Yes, above, we are going to make some adjustments, that is, decrease wages, we are going to try to do it progressively, so that it is reduced more to those who receive more wages and less to those who have a lower level. Only in high public officials, from deputy directors to president. The same in the case of the decision not to collect bonuses and other measures that will be known there. In the course of the week, the entire plan will be presented ”, he added.

President He asserted that his anti-crisis plan is a new model to reactivate the country’s economy.

“We cannot continue with the same because it would be, among other things, absurd. The coronavirus that precipitated, was the collapse of the neoliberal model in the world, that no longer works, it is another reality“He expressed.

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“We got ahead of ourselves, we already knew. This is what is in the National Development Plan, it is not something new, it is to deepen what is already in the PND because we said that we were no longer going to continue applying the same economic policy that has failed again and again and that it led to this crisis, to decline, “he said.

The federal president explained that in Mexico, the formula to get ahead due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis will be: first: public investment for the development and well-being of the people; second: seek full employment; and third: republican honesty and austerity.

“I am optimistic, we will get ahead as it always happens when there is harmony and the interests of the people are represented, of all Mexicans and when preference is given to humble people, to poor people, to those most in need, “he said.

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“I am sure that soon we are going to reactivate the economy and we are going to see how things are going so much in maintaining control of the coronavirus epidemic, that it does not trigger us, that it does not overflow and that it takes us a short time to be able to say ‘There is already a white flag, we are going to start a new stage, to embrace each other in all public squares,’ ”he concluded.